Sidekickcast Episode 105 – The President & The King

You can’t keep a good podcast down, but more relevantly you can’t keep a couple of assholes from having a podcast even if hackers do take down their website. Dok and PJ are back in a drunken fury of good spirits to discuss the usual comic books and other bullshit. In Stack Attack the boys hit IDW’s Hasbro universe (including Dok’s favorite ROM Space Knight), DC’s Komandi Challenge, and the new Batman TMNT Adventures crossover series. After a bit of much overdue chat on the Marvel/Netflix Luke Cage series, the much loved “Dok and PJ Review Classic Movies With a Flourish” returns with the “classic” Bubba Ho-Tep. The times may be dark, but the Sidekicks are back to brighten up your shit.


About Andrew Porwitzky

Dr Andrew Porwitzky is a professional scientist, comic book junkie, and freelance writer. He is also on Twitter way too much.

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