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Token w/Marky MarkToken AKA Ben Goldberg is a 17 year old rapper hailing from just outside of Boston, as you may guess from his nom de plume, he’s something of a minority in the Hip Hop community being both white and Jewish. ‘So what?’ you’re entitled to ask, and if he was just basic I’d probably agree with you but when you combine his background with the level of skill this kid is showing things start to get interesting.

Token has been gathering quite a following on YouTube with his No Suckas MC Contest video up to nearly 2.5 million views on last tally and counts a number of celebrities amongst his ‘fans’ including T-Pain, Fred Durst, Clinton Sparks, RA The Rugged Man and Mark Wahlberg, who just included him in his latest movie, Patriot’s Day.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because I think he’s pretty damn good with a sick flow, he released a new track, Doozy just yesterday (see below) and if you’re in the area you can see Token supporting Hopsin at Bristol’s Motion next week 24th February. I can’t make it, so if any Sidekicks out there want to cover the gig for us give us a shout.


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