Sidekicks No More!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…




It is a period of civil unrest; intolerance has spread across the lands allowing the forces of evil to rise to power, leaving the great and the good in a position of weakness.

Those that would rise up have become disenfranchised, with no voice there is no way to fight back but there is a hope that a new entity will come through to redress the balance…

That may be a melodramatic way to open a blog post but we’ve been a way for a while and I wanted to get your attention, do I have it? Good, then let’s get this show on the road. Some of you may remember there was once a comic book podcast called The Sidekickcast, the first iteration of this eargasm started out on a website named way back in 2008 and was hosted by my good self, my hetero-life mate Dan Marshall and a rolling cast of other geeks who all had one thing in common; a true love for comic books. As the show became more popular we moved to a bigger and better self-titled website, which also brought with it the opportunity to widen the scope of the site and bring in new contributors, content and podcasts.

This may sound strange but when we started the podcast, the one thing I didn’t expect to gain was friends. I already had a friend, we podcasted together and that’s what that was about, chatting shit with your buddy that only you and he cared about. The thing is, other people cared about it too, and not just a little, a lot. If I had to put my finger on the thing that kept me podcasting, I’d definitely say it was the community and people we met along the way. In the early days it was about having fun and if I’m completely honest, ego, it does the ego good to be massaged every now and then even if it is by random people on the internet. Before you know it, those random people become pretty good friends, it stops being about you and starts becoming about them, you don’t want to let them down.

In 2015, Dan and I made the difficult decision to take a break from podcasting, we’d been doing it for nearly seven years and although we were still firing on all cylinders, a rest was needed and ‘real life’ was starting to get in the way. The original plan had been to stop the podcast and potentially pick it up again in some new form at a later date but two Sidekicks, Doktor Andy and PJ, who by this point were pretty much running the website all by themselves, decided they would like to take over as the regular hosts, which they did and a fine job they did too. That being said, all good things must come to an end.

One fateful day in 2016, disaster struck, the website was hacked and despite multiple efforts it could not be fixed. This was devastating; not just because of all the work I had personally put into the site but because I had let down all the other contributors who had spent so much time and effort on their own blogs and podcasts, now lost forever. Of course we could blame the piece-of-shit-hacker that corrupted the site in the first place but they’re just doing what they do, had I kept the site secure and up-to-date as I should’ve then this never would’ve happened, I had been a neglectful parent.

As is often the case with catastrophic events, the last thing I could think of doing was to try again, everything was lost and maybe it was for the better. Life had moved on, nobody had gotten hurt and I was just about to become a father for real; the prospect of being responsible for another human life was enough for my fragile ego to deal with, without having to also rebuild my life’s work. Yet still there was something there, some need to express, some need to say something, anything.

Once my son was born and we had gotten past the difficult first few months, and they are difficult, beautiful yet difficult, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, I started to put the feelers out. Was anyone interested in putting together a new and improved Sidekickcast? I honestly expected people to tell me to go Frak myself; after all I had thrown away something that people had poured their heart and souls into, something they had given to with no expectation of anything in return. To my surprise people were responsive, not only were they responsive but they were keen and ready to go, chomping at the bit almost. I couldn’t believe my luck but I suppose just as something was missing for me, something was missing for them also. Maybe it was the ego thing again or maybe it was the need to say something, to say something honest.

This leads us to today and the very website on which you find yourself now. I’m still not quite sure what Panic in the Skies is or what it may become but that’s ok, I want that to be determined by the people that work on it and the people that follow it. There is one thing that I hope the site can stand for, and that’s honesty. I don’t mean we should always tell the truth in a Boy Scout kind-of-way but rather that there is truth in everything you find here, that everyone speaks of their truth, even if sometimes that is not what is popular or what is expected. That’s ok, that’s real, let’s keep it real yeah?

So if you’ll bear with us for the next few months whilst we get up and running, we will start to produce content that we (and you I hope) find interesting, as well as the same old irreverent nonsense we used to do on the Sidekickcast. Who knows, there even be a new podcast or two…not promising on that one.

Oh, and one things for sure, the title of this post was a total red herring; Sidekicks for Life, yo!

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