Sidekickcast Episode 05 – I Say thee Nay!

This week on The Sidekickcast we see the triumphant return of some Sidekicks that have been MIA with the return of X-centric Ned and Alex’s final chapter review of The Dark Knight Returns in Dig This!

Stack Attack plays catch up as we now have access to our comic book shop once again so we’re able to pick up on the important issues we may have missed over the last month. Reviews include Magneto Testament #2, 1985 #6, Back to Brooklyn #2, X-Men: Legacy #216=217, Uncanny X-Men #503 and we catch up with Ultimatum in the Ultimate Universe.

X-centric Ned fulfills his promise to delve deeper into the events that lead to Angel’s original fall from grace to become the recently returned Archangel. You may think you know the X-Men but this will shed a whole new light upon them and their motivations.

With Bones taking a 1-0 lead in Secrets and Lies, will the the rest of the Sidekicks be able to even the score this week?

Will Sidekickcast’s toughest customer, Marshall, carry on reading Marvel Comics’ The Twelve? Find out in Knowing Me, Knowing You.

We’d also like to say that no matter whatever you hear in this podcast we are all very big fans of Mr Kevin Bacon Esquire and wish him well…no matter how it may sound!

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