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Grime 4 Corbyn

In case you missed it, a snap election for the 8th June has been called here in the UK, so we’re currently in the midst of manifesto madness as all the respective political parties scramble to ‘speak to the people’. Jeremy Corbyn, the much-maligned, left-leaning leader of the Labour party has become something of a divisive character, people either seem to love or hate him, there is no middle ground.

Very much like Bernie Sanders in the US, there is one group of people that JC’s brand of democratic socialism does appeal to, the young and the restless. The message of a fairer Britain, for the many, not the few, seems to have really struck a chord with our disenfranchised, BREXIT-battered young people.

To this end, well known Grime artists such as JME, Novelist, AJ Tracey and Akala have come out in support of JC and now a new website has been set up Grime4Corbyn which encourages people to register to vote, something that could really make a difference, as the last election saw only 66% of the eligible population turn out to vote. To go with the website there’s also a track been produced, Crobyn Riddim, check it out below:

We can’t see it climbing the charts anytime soon but anything that gets young people focused on politics and registering to vote can only be seen as a good thing, whichever side of the political divide you stand.

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