Cardiff Bay Run 2017

Cardiff Bay Run 2017

The first post on my recent running antics, Why I Run, promised that I would continue the story in a linear fashion with the events I started running, the training I did for those events and the people I met along the way but like many stories we may have to go forward before we can go back.

Sunday the 2nd April saw the return of the Cardiff Bay Run after a year’s hiatus; formerly a 5 mile race, the distance has since been increased to 10 kilometres, which has had a considerable positive impact on the popularity of the event. The last time this event was held in 2015, it was the first time I had run a 5 mile race, it’s not a distance you see that often and I really enjoyed just how fast it was. Now with it being a 10K, I was a little disappointed but it’s still a quick and relatively flat race that takes in all the beauty, natural and man-made, of Cardiff’s historic bay area.

For me this was a big race, not just because of the change in distance but because it is the first real challenge of the local events and more importantly, I was joined by family and friends, some running their very first race. I have been quite evangelical about running, encouraging all to join me in my new religion; even when those calls fell on deaf ears, I would persevere. What I’ve realised is that you can’t convince anyone to join you running, they need to come to it themselves. You can suggest, you can encourage, you can even entice but unless they love it like you do, they’ll never understand.

The weather was picture-perfect, blue skies, sun shining with just a gentle breeze to keep the competitors cool. The course, now lengthened to include the extra 1.21 miles required for a 10K, would first go inland towards the city centre before coming back into the bay, around Roath Locke, out along the barrage and back to the start (for a better idea of the course, just take a look at the handy map just to the right of this description).

I won’t bore you with a lengthy description of the race km by km, needless to say, I gave my all and came out of it with a new PB, Personal Best…some people like to use PR, Personal Record but I like to save the PR acronym for Park Run, more on that next time. The men’s race was won by the indomitable Dewi Griffiths with a super time of 29:08, remember that name it’ll probably come up a few more times when discussing other local running events. Cara Evans dominated in the women’s race with a fantastic time of 34:58, her first win since changing over from Pontypridd Roadents Running Club to the prestigious Cardiff AAC.

If you’re looking for an exciting, hard fought 10K in surroundings that not only lend themselves to a fast race but also take in some of the best scenery Cardiff has to offer then I can’t recommend the Cardiff Bay Run enough.

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